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Can I specify which part of the print I want centered on my pillow?

Because our prints are repeat-printed and cut with as little as possible wastage, it is not possible. This helps us to eliminate any waste and to keep our products affordable for you, our client.

Can I order a down-inner from Olga-Mare? What size should I get for my pillow?

Yes, Olga-Maré does supply down-inners for our pillow covers. We recommend our clients to order an inner that is 5cm bigger that your cover, as this gives you a beautiful full pillow. Please refer to Orders and Shipping in regards to delivery of your down-inner.

Will my 100% linen product soften over time?

Yes, due to the linen’s natural nature, your product will soften and get authentic characteristics as you use it.

How do I know what size my tablecloth should be?

All tables are different sizes, so the best would be to measure your table and then add the amount you want your tablecloth to hang over the sides of the table to your table measurements.

Example – If your table length is 2,2 m and table width is 1m, and you want your tablecloth to hang 30cm. over your table, your tablecloth measurements will be as follows:

Length: 2,8m and Width: 1,6m. (Remember, you want 30 cm to hang over on both sides, lengthwise and widthwise, so you must add double the amount to width and length that you want to hang over.)

Can I return or exchange my product?

Your happiness is our first priority, so if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we apologise. To return or exchange your product, please contact us at info@olgamare.co.za within 7 days of receiving your product. All products returned must be in their original packaging, unused and with all tags intact.


Can I machine wash my Olga-Maré pillow cover?

No, your pillow cover is 100% linen and have leather trims. Wipe your cover with a cold, damp cloth.

Will my napkins, tea towels and table cloth shrink or loose colour when I wash it?

It is completely normal for your 100% linen product to shrink 2-3cm with the first wash. Shrinkage has been taken into account during the making of all the products. After the first wash no further shrinkage will occur, if the care instructions are followed carefully.

Your product will not lose it’s print, however it is very important to iron your product on the reverse side. Over time your print might fade very slightly – we do not consider this a fault, but rather proof of it’s journey with you.

How do I wash my Olga-Maré tea towel, napkin and tablecloth?

First wash: wash in cold water with a small cup of vinegar. This strengthens the fibres and maintains the dyeing colours.

2. Reshape your product by laying it flat and straighten with hands.

3. Hang dry. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

4. Iron on reverse side.


How long will it take for my purchase to be delivered to me?

Please allow for 7 – 10 working days for all napkins, tea towels and pillow cases. Our tablecloths are made to order, so please allow 14 working days. Production of items will start as soon as we receive your proof of payment.

Will products get delivered to my door or do I have to pick it up at a courier company?

All our products get dispatched with Postnet to Postnet courier-services. Once we have sent your parcel, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can pick your parcel up at your closest Postnet.

Are there courier costs for my purchase?

All products that are 5kg or less will be dispatched to your nearest Postnet with a flat rate of R99.00. This will automatically be added to your purchase, unless you choose to do a local pick-up.

If you ordered a pillowcase with an inner, or a large quantity of products that is heavier than the standard 5kg size, the courier costs will be for your own account.

You are more than welcome to arrange a local pick-up with us to eliminate any courier costs, with no added rates. Please email us at info@olgamare.co.za to arrange a pick-up.

I do not live in South Africa. Do you ship internationally?

Definitely! To arrange for international shipping please contact us at info@olgamare.co.za. International orders are sent with a local courier company or through the South African Post Office. This service takes approximately 3 weeks. You will receive an email with your tracking number and all other information.

Customs and import duties, as well as any other requirements are levied by the receiving country and will be for the buyer’s account.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage in transit.