There is a saying that goes as follows:

“What and If are two of the most insignificant words, but put them together and they have the power to change the world.”

We are a small business that started with a few “what if’s” a while ago. We asked ourselves what if we could create a business from our love of craftsmanship and most importantly what if we could make people feel and see the beauty within themselves and the world around them.

So with a massive leap of faith, these two very insignificant words changed our worlds and we started Olga-Maré and HOME by Olga-Maré.

Olga-Maré is a ladieswear fashion brand where we strive to give our clients only the best quality garments, with an obsessive amount of attention to detail. Our garments are made-to-fit, bespoke and designed to enhance the natural beauty and strength of a woman.

HOME by Olga-Maré is a homeware brand that is focused on delivering products that are made from 100% natural fabrics. Unique prints that have been developed in studio play an integral role within the brand. HOME by Olga-Maré is aimed at bringing an authentic and luxurious feel to your home.

“I am a  fashion designer and craftsman who were created to serve people and create a world where people can express themselves fearlessly.”

Olga-Maré Hougaard – founder and fashion designer